Guard SI DefSpider Cybersecurity Solution is chosen as one of the most promising by the Innovation Awards Latam

Innovation Awards Latam awards the most promising startups in several countries

São Paulo, July 2018 – The search for new and profitable business models has grown in recent years. An example of this is the bet of entrepreneurs on ideas and solutions more innovative and practical. And sectors such as safety, education, health, urban mobility, among others, are gaining more and more prominence in the development of products and services. In this scenario, the startups come out ahead and have seen a great barn of innovation.

This is evidenced by the Innovation Awards Latam, competition for Startups in Latin America, organized by the Brazilian Cantarino. This year, the award ceremony and recognition of the best startups in Latin America takes place on July 30 in São Paulo. The award had more than 800 registered startups between February 8 and May 4 of this year, with 326 valid cases, including innovation experts from around the world and large companies focused on the development of entrepreneurial startups from 11 countries.

The evaluation was carried out by more than 60 jurors from 13 different countries, among them Don Tapscott, the world’s largest blockchain reference; Guga Stocco, responsible for the innovation of Banco Digital; and Lisa Besserman, one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Technology by Business Insider Magazine.

Thirteen cases were submitted to juries, 35% from Brazil, 13.5% from Mexico and 11.2% from Argentina, and altogether 27 finalist startups were chosen, divided into six categories: Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence , APIs and Cyber Security.

“The award honors the best startups and creates opportunities for international and commercial partnerships among the many companies that look to businesses with good results in numerous sectors of the economy,” says Marcos Cantarino, director of Cantarino Brasileiro.

The Innovation Awards Latam has the support of 32 entities from different countries. Among them, Crunchbase, the main database of startups and investments in Silicon Valley; Latam Startups, Canadian entity for fomenting business, F10, incubator and accelerator of Switzerland; and Invest Hong Kong.

As next project actions, Innovation Day is scheduled in São Paulo on August 1 and in Guadalara (Mexico) on August 15.

Check out the finalists by category below:

Artificial intelligence:

Emotion Research Lab (Mexico)
Entelai (Argentina)
Kiwi Campus (Colombia)
TNH Health (Brazil)
Thermy (Mexico)


Clinch Logistics (Mexico)
Digibee (Brazil)
Doopla (Mexico)
Rombus Global (Argentina)
Übank (Mexico)

Big data

Biva (Brazil)
Feedz (Brazil)
Ibbi (Argentina)
Save Sarah (Chile)
Schoolastic (Brazil)


Artis International (Argentina)
CoinWise (Brazil)
DreamJobs (Colombia)
Currency (Uruguay)
Provost (Colombia)


GuardSI Cybersecurity (Brazil)
Hack & Secure (Colombia)


Byond (Brazil)
Nearbee (Brazil)
Phygitall (Brazil)
Sii Smart Buildings (Brasil)
Unicorn Games (Uruguay)

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