In our current world of increasing threats, are your employees aware of the security risks?

People are the weakest link in security. Without awareness the risk of incidents in your company is high!

Nowadays there are several software and hardware solutions that allow companies to work in a more secure way. However, investments in antivirus and firewalls will not be effective if employees do not have a security culture. This statement holds true for all levels of the company. Imagine the director clicking on an e-mail with ransomware (encrypts all company information) or an attendant passing sensitive information to unfamiliar and malicious people (social engineers). Or even your systems programmer or your IT partner developing vulnerable applications that can be attacked and generate financial losses (hackers).

The danger may lie in the lack of knowledge / oversight (“did not know”) or in a deliberate action (fraud). Some Risks You Already Face Today:

  • Use of personal devices and accounts at work;
  • Receipt of malicious emails;
  • Development of vulnerable applications and systems;
  • Provision of information to malicious persons;
  • Uncontrolled physical and virtual access (company data);
  • Core processes not controlled.

To lessen these risks, guardSI has lectures and trainings that will make your company safer. It is a basic action, but extremely effective and necessary in today’s world. Here are some examples:

  • Information Security Lecture for employees – Presentation to make employees aware of the greatest risks and why they need to worry about security – 1 hour;
  • Information Security Introductory Training – What is Information Security to enable an employee or team to be responsible for best practices and dissemination of knowledge in the company (subject to official certification) – 1 day;
  • Introductory Safe Development Training – The biggest vulnerabilities that programmers leave on systems that are exploited by hackers or even malicious internal employees. For you developing internally or providing development services to third parties (do not leave your client vulnerable with your application) – 1 day.

Your company is very important. We can help you assess your risks and prevent threats.

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